26 Mar 2023

️Time to go back and review! 🔍 We found this damaged housewrap on new construction – double-check your build for potential breeches in weather protection.

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Referred to in the building code as a “water-resistive barrier, “the main goal of a sheathing wrap or housewrap is to keep liquid water out of the structural part of a building. At the same time, the sheathing wrap must allow water vapor to pass through so the framing and sheathing can dry to the exterior if it get wet.
Fortunately, a number of materials, including traditional asphalt felt (tar paper), have this ability to stop liquid water while still allowing water vapor to pass through. However, newer materials such as house wraps and synthetic underlayments offer even better protection against moisture intrusion and can improve energy efficiency. remaining “permeable” to water vapor.

When we do a phase inspection of the framing, the housewrap is usually in place, and the siding is sometimes just starting to go up.

A continuous problem found is the installation of the housewrap by the framing crew. Poor installation, not installed according to the manufacturer, is common, and as seen in some of the photos, it is not done correctly.

If your builder tells you that the siding crew will take care of it the chances are “they will just cover over it”.

We have had to have the superintendent of construction and even higher management of companies meet us on the job site to have them correct these issues.

If your building a new house, then you need Proview Professional Home Inspections to perform a building inspection on your construction project.

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