15 Dec 2014

Peek a Boo in the crawlspace!

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Cmikes photo for licrawlspaces are always an area that concerns everyone especially for a Home Inspector. Did you know that  there are home inspectors that do NOT enter a crawlspace? Did you know that there are those home inspectors that actually send others into a crawlspace to take photos that are NOT trained or “licensed” to tell you what is the issues are under a house?

When you call for a home inspection ask this question “do YOU actually enter the crawlspace for the inspection and is only “licensed” person/s only performing the inspection on this property.

Here in this photo we see a 4×4 that has been installed by someone for support for the floor system and there are those that may not determine this as an issue but it is. This is considered a “temporary” support and the use of screw jacks should be replaced with a proper pier designed for such use.

Don’t be fooled, investigate, read reviews and consider the experience of the Home Inspector you are about to hire! It’s not just you that it effects but your family.

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