Signs Your Furnace need help!

Operation of any component should include regular maintenance. When deposits such as this appear your furnace is asking for HELP! read more →

Railings can be dangerous!

Older homes many times have metal railings that either do not meet standard requirements for safety or damaged. Many times those railings have suffered from corrosion and no longer able to properly support someone if they leaned against them. In this case, nothing can be done except remove and replace. Remember any porch or platform.. read more →

Hole In One!

Recently at a home inspection on the front porch of a very nice home, I noticed a hole at the top of the porch column. This was caused by a woodpecker and the hole was like perfectly round. It is amazing how something like that takes place but as amazing as that is the client.. read more →

Water Heater install is no joke!

As a home inspector one concern I see often is the installation of water heaters by homeowners or unlicensed handymen. Improperly installed water heaters cause fires, floods, and even deaths. In 2007 there were an estimated 7,200 reported home structure fires involving water heaters.  Installation of water heaters should ONLY be performed by a Licensed Plumber and.. read more →

Latest News

I am happy to announce that we have recently had the privilege to be elected to serve on the board of the “Kentucky Real Estate Inspectors Association” KREIA. I am happy to serve with fellow inspectors that I have great respect for in this industry. read more →