26 Jul 2015

Crawlspace Entries for Hobbits!

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As a Home Inspector part of the process of inspecting is the crawlspace if it has one. Not all homes are designed with a crawlspace some may have basements, basements and crawlspace or a concrete slab system.  Inspection of the crawlspace starts with the access to the crawlspace and sometimes that can be very difficult. Crawlspace entries should be at least 16″x24″ for access, but if you can’t bend yourself in a manner to enter that space, then access is also restricted and possibly no inspection can be performed from within the crawl space itself. Notice the attached photo’s these two were impossible to enter due to the wells are too narrow.

Times such as these additional options are on the table, the sellers can modify the openings so I could return to make a complete inspection of the crawlspace or the buyer decided to not have this inspected. If no other means are available sometimes I may be able to remove foundation vent covers for access to view only partial areas of the crawlspace with other technology we can provide.

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Crawlspace entries
restricted entry