29 Mar 2018

Air Gap

The dishwasher is a fantastic piece of equipment but like anything else, unless it is maintained and installed properly they will not perform as hoped. during the process of an inspection, we run the dishwasher in order to make sure the component is operating correctly. Not all home inspectors do this but this is our practice. The Air Gap is used to prevent back-flow of non-potable water into the potable water supply. If you have an Air Gap installed and water comes out of it then you have a plugged line. This most of the time is food particles, therefore, it should be cleaned out.

Proview Professional Home Inspections has performed 1000’s of inspections with over 19 yrs of experience as a home inspector. We are the only home inspection company that has a professional background in the construction field and a “CMI” Certified Master Inspector.



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