25 May 2015

Do You Have Uneasy Feelings About Your Home Inspection?

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Creepy View From The Crawlspace

Recently during a crawlspace inspection I felt like somebody was watching me! As I was going along I found this looking at me and thought to myself “you never know who’s watching”! After completing the inspection, I realized that there is a real message in this photo.

A professional home inspector “always” performs the same at every inspection. As a certified inspector with InterNACHI, following the “SOP” Standards Of Practice which is not an option but a norm. I believe that consistency is primary and vital in what I do.

Performing a home inspection with or without my client being present never changes the method and detail I give for my clients. In fact, I always recommend that if my client can be present it’ s always best.  I want to be able to identify, explain and educate my clients whether a 1st time home buyer or a seasoned one. But if they cannot be then I word hard to make sure that their report is easy to understand and informative.

So, what can be the scariest thing for the home buyer or the creepiest thing for the client? It’s not a doll head in a crawlspace but:

  • realizing that you settled for a home inspector based on price, not experience or his qualifications. Ask yourself does this person have the experience, the knowledge to determine the issues at hand and can he provide me with the information that will help me make a decision based upon clear information!
  • finding out that your home inspector actually didn’t view accessible areas that are required and perhaps using data collected by another party for their reports!

wood rot

Crawlspaces can present numerous issues and they may be the very issue that changes a direction of a purchase. Information passed along by another party or contractor to a home inspector does not take the place of the inspector personally inspecting this important area.  Make sure your Home Inspector has only one objective! Inspect and Report his finding to you.


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