26 Mar 2015

Does It Really Matter If You Know How To Do A Repair?

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As a Home Inspector, I understand that people try to save money by doing repairs. Sometimes a repair may not be a skilled job but then there are others that require knowledge and skill that many homeowners do not have!  Many repairs are rather simple but when it comes to electrical, plumbing or perhaps structural issues then it should be performed by those trained, licensed, and legally to make the repairs. In fact, it’s just not homeowners that can be a problem but as I find it’s also Contractors, pest inspectors and family members making repairs that not only cost you money for the second time but may put you and your family in danger!

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections evaluates issues daily that effect families concerning Safety and Financial!  If repairs have been performed we recommend that you have documentation of who and what was repaired. Also by having this documentation you hopefully can verify that the repair was performed by qualified and properly Licensed Professionals.

Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable with a hairstylist doing repairs on your electrical system? Here are a few photos of such repairs made by individuals that should not have attempted them.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections provides “PROFESSIONAL” inspections, Fulltime, Experienced with over 45yrs in the construction industry and 17 yrs as a Home Inspector. When you’re thinking of a home inspection realize that PRICE should never be the deciding reason! A cheap inspection may be the most costly mistake you make!

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