21 Jun 2023

Don’t trust a rookie to inspect your home! Get someone with some serious experience. You don’t want them missing any unexpected surprises!

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One of the most important skills of a home inspector is the ability to observe and report on the condition of a home. A home inspection report is not just a checklist of defects but a narrative that explains the significance and implications of the findings. A good home inspector can use their experience and knowledge to identify potential problems, assess their severity, and recommend appropriate actions.

For example, during a recent home inspection, We noticed that the roof had multiple layers of shingles. This is a common practice in some areas, but it can also cause issues such as increased weight on the roof structure, reduced ventilation, and moisture accumulation.  If moisture gets trapped beneath the two layers, the trapped moisture can break down the shingle. As the moisture makes its way beneath the surface, it will cause deck rot and the development of suspected bio-growth. Oftentimes, the lifespan of the second layer is halved.

Also, multiple layers of shingles can cause excess weight, unseen decking damage, lack of leak barriers, bumpy surfaces, and a shorter lifespan of the roof. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to have more than one layer of shingles on your roof.

We used my infrared camera to scan the roof and found several areas of elevated temperature, indicating possible heat loss or moisture intrusion. I also inspected the attic and found signs of water staining and suspected bio-growth on the roof sheathing and rafters.

We explained in my report that the roof was nearing the end of its useful life and that it had multiple layers of shingles that could affect its performance and durability. I also reported that there was evidence of heat loss and moisture damage in the attic, which could lead to structural deterioration and health hazards. We recommended that the roof be replaced by a qualified roofing contractor and that the attic be properly ventilated and insulated to prevent further problems.

By using my experience and observation skills, We were able to provide a detailed and informative report that helped the client understand the condition of the home and make an informed decision. A home inspection report is not just a document but a communication tool that can make a difference in the outcome of a real estate transaction.

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