08 Feb 2016

Experience is Important!

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Growing up in construction my whole life and also being a contractor for many years brings with it “experience”. Building new homes or completed restoration of Victorian homes gave me a lot of understanding of the methods used by the old timers and also keeping up to date with building standards serves me to have the knowledge of current building standards and practices.

Licensed and also InterNACHI certified requires more education that may be required by the state, but provides my clients with important information and therefore gives my clients understanding that they are in good hands. In the attached photo is a girder beam and although it has been there for sometime there is an issue present. Notice that the beam is notched and only a 1/3 or the beam rest on the foundation wall. This is a structural concern because of the notch and missing piers for support therefore this is a subject of concern.


Let me ask you, when you have your car repaired does it matter who works on it? When you need a transplant is it important that the specialist have experience to perform the transplant? If you answered YES, then you agree that experience, knowledge of what they do is vital.

Don’t make the mistake of going by price because  one versus the other may not do the same thing or what one does versus the other may cost you much more than you thought you saved. Check them out! Ask questions and then you can make a wiser decision.


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