09 Oct 2023

Feeling Ready for Winter (with a Little Help from the Pros)

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Those chilly autumn breezes are here, reminding us that cold weather is just around the corner. While many folks enjoy all the festive things that come with fall, winter also means dealing with freezing temps, snowy roads, and all the household headaches that can arise when Old Man Jack Frost comes to town. Rather than dreading the inevitable cold front, I’m using this time to be proactive and get my home winterized.

You see, last year I learned the hard way how expensive unpreparedness can be. In late January, we got walloped with two feet of snow and subzero temps that stayed locked in for over a week. Well, on day three of that arctic blast, my furnace conked out, leaving me with no heat as the mercury plunged. Let’s just say repair costs, a hotel stay, and takeout dinners while it was fixed really added up! I swore I wouldn’t let something so avoidable happen again this season.

That’s why I recently called in the experts at Proview Professional Home Inspections to give my place a once-over before the snow flies. These guys are top-notch home performance specialists who can identify any issues that could disrupt my winter comfort or damage my home if left unaddressed. And man, was I glad I had them come! Turns out some critters had taken up residence in my attic insulation over the summer. If I hadn’t found and sealed that before cold air started seeping in, my heating bills were bound to skyrocket.

The Proview team also noticed worn seals around my windows, potential ice dams on my roof, and a suspicious noise coming from my aging furnace fan. A few simple repairs and some fresh caulk later, and I’ve taken proactive steps to head off major maintenance problems or system failures when many repair services may be snowed in. Their thorough inspection gave me reassurance that I’m set for the season, without facing unwanted winter surprises.

If you’re like me and hate being caught off guard by household hiccups, especially when Old Man Winter is howling outside, consider scheduling a pre-winter home inspection yourself. It’s a small investment that can save you major stress, expensive repairs, or damage to your greatest asset – your home. The professionals at Proview are incredibly knowledgeable and take the time to explain next steps so you fully understand your home’s unique needs. Trust me, the peace of mind is absolutely worth it when that first snowstorm hits!

Now that my place is prepped, I’m looking forward to cozy nights by the fire, holidays with family, and all the enjoyable things winter has to offer – without keeping my fingers crossed that the furnace keeps humming. Whether you own or rent, a pro inspection can help protect you from seasonal surprises. So if you ask me, get the pros in before Jack Frost comes to visit your neck of the woods! You’ll feel ready for winter and whatever Mother Nature may bring.


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