28 Mar 2023

“Home Inspectors Not Handy? Why You Shouldn’t Expect Repairs from Your
Inspection Team!”

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Michael E. Paris – Certified Master Inspector

When conducting an inspection, home inspectors have guidelines and standards to follow. However, they are not permitted to engage in any work requiring a contractor’s license, including electrical, plumbing, or HVAC. Additionally, the state of Kentucky restricts inspectors from carrying out any work on a home they have inspected for at least 12 months. During a home inspection, inspectors are not allowed to move or dismantle any personal property belonging to the homeowner. This includes furniture, appliances, and other items not a permanent part of the home’s structure. For example, a home inspector cannot move a couch to get a better view of the wall behind it, nor can they take apart a bookshelf to see if there is any damage to the wall behind it. I have seen a Realtor become upset because we refused to move objects during a home inspection. Most realtors are aware of this, so they should advise sellers to make items available for the inspection. This is because the homeowner’s personal property is protected by law, and it is not within the inspector’s scope of work to move or tamper with these items. Home inspectors evaluate the home’s condition and report any visible defects or issues, but they do not establish its value or offer an opinion on whether it is a wise investment.

A home inspector should not offer an opinion on whether its a wise investment to purchase a particular property. Their role is to examine the property and provide an unbiased and objective evaluation of its condition, identifying any defects or potential issues that may need to be addressed. It is always advisable to seek the advice of a professional real estate agent or financial advisor for counsel on the financial aspects of purchasing a property and not a home inspector.

Our foremost responsibility is to help buyers make informed decisions based on the home’s visible condition and potential risks. It is crucial to remember that a home inspection provides information about the home’s condition rather than a guarantee, enabling buyers to make a sound decision about the purchase.


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