21 Oct 2023

When inspecting a house that is being built or just completed, we are always on the lookout for material defects and poor workmanship that can impact the home’s structural integrity and safety. Material defects include issues like cracked foundations, water damage, damaged fixtures, cabinet and hardware defects or faulty electrical systems. Poor workmanship, on the other hand, refers to shoddy construction practices like uneven floors, misaligned windows and doors, shelving loose in closets, or poor paint jobs that have drips, dirt, or not sanded smoothly. These issues can cause aesthetic and functional problems in the home and, in some cases, can even pose safety hazards.

Sub-contractors may have new people or persons that lack experience, and therefore the quality of workmanship suffers. As expensive as it is today to build a new house, you should expect quality workmanship!

Here in this photo is something we see way too often! Vinyl windows especially those that are installed in the winter months can easily be damaged. Here, the installed hit the corner of the window with most likely a hammer and damaged the frame. Think about this, the windows were installed earlier during the process after the housewrap was installed and here at the end, it is still damaged! All this time no doubt someone should have noticed it, maybe the siding installer or the “contractor”, or the building inspector!

This type of damage to this kind of window will require removing the unit and replacing the window unit!

If they had a third-party inspection performed, it would have been caught early and corrected and with no delays.

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