Unlock the Secrets of Your Dream Home with Proview Professional Home Inspections!

Homebuyers are encountering numerous challenges in the current market. The exorbitant cost of purchasing a new home, coupled with high-interest rates and a scarcity of available properties, presents a formidable obstacle. If you are considering buying a new house, it is crucial to recognize the significance of a comprehensive home.. read more →

The Hidden Fire Hazard: Metal Gussets in Contact with Branch Wiring

As a seasoned home inspector, I’ve encountered a variety of potential hazards that often go unnoticed by homeowners. One such issue is the interaction between metal gussets and branch wiring, a combination that can pose a significant fire risk if not properly managed. Metal gussets, commonly used in the construction.. read more →

Finding issues in your new build? Don’t get stuck with someone else’s mistakes!

At Proview Professional Home Inspections, we specialize in identifying new construction defects during construction and before you close. We recently inspected a home under construction and found: Contact us today to schedule an inspection. We’ll review the home’s systems and construction thoroughly to uncover any issues. You deserve a home.. read more →

Make the Right Choice by Choosing ProView Professional Home Inspections

Are you planning to buy a home or thinking of selling your current property? If so, it’s crucial to have a thorough home inspection to ensure that the property is in good condition and meets safety standards. And when it comes to professional home inspections, ProView is the right choice.. read more →

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