Uncovering the Mysterious Purpose of a Cricket Behind the Chimney

You may need a cricket behind the chimney to provide drainage for water that accumulates on the roof. The cricket is a small sloped structure that diverts water away from areas where it could cause damage, such as along the sides of the chimney. It also helps prevent water from.. read more →


You should know that your attic is one of the most dangerous places in your home. It’s easy to forget about it, but there are some serious hazards up there that can cause major problems for you and your family if left unchecked. That’s why we offer professional inspections of.. read more →

CRAWL SPACE 360 Inspections

Crawl spaces are always a challenge especially older homes that originally did not have ductwork. Proview Professional Home Inspections can give you the client more information even in those areas that may not be accessible by crawling. Let’s face it if problems existing this is the first place that may.. read more →

Hole In One!

Recently at a home inspection on the front porch of a very nice home, I noticed a hole at the top of the porch column. This was caused by a woodpecker and the hole was like perfectly round. It is amazing how something like that takes place but as amazing.. read more →

Crawl Spaces can have multiple issues and cost $$$$

Crawl Spaces reveal a lot of what may be in store! When a house has a crawl space that area can reveal a tremendous amount of information about the house. This area contains information about footings, foundations, floor framing, electrical, plumbing HVAC and so much more. The photo here was.. read more →

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