It is always interesting to see how people spend time and money on making repairs that they DO NOT know
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These caps are installed by the Plumber for the plumbing inspection. In this case the caps are still on years
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Recent inspection I found a dead bird laying at the door of the wood burner. Found his way in but
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Clothes Hamper chute   Laundry can be a real hassle to get it downstairs to a laundry room. These type
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Dryer vents to garage

Dryer vents can be a serious issue for not only safety but health! Here is a couple of photos that read more →

New Shower Head Support

Home owners sometimes develop strange methods of repair for numerous issues. One area I see this is plumbing issues in read more →

Missing Bricks at the Gable

Recent Home Inspections revealed a large brick gable wall with missing bricks. This situation should be repaired quickly and yes read more →

Damage ribbon board and sill plates

Recent crawlspace inspection found damage to the ribbon board and the sill plates. The load is simply crushing the sill read more →

Seeing the issues even in rain and a wood shake roof.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections is the ONLY inspection company that will provide you with photos and information for those places read more →