Inspecting a crawlspace is very important due to the issues that may exist that make or break buying a house.

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Home Inspections is a very important part of the process of buying a house. I realize that not everyone gets

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I always recommend that my clients be present during the inspection if possible. I look at my job not only

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Preparing for the Home Inspection

If your getting ready for a Home Inspection at your house then try to make it go smoothly. Clean up read more →

What NOT To Do For Repairs

Older houses have their problems, but many times it is what people have done to them through the years that read more →

It Pays to Look Under!

Recently performing an inspection I was checking the AC unit and searching for the AC Disconnect and I found it! read more →

The land down under isn’t always referring to another country!

  When I was a building and remodeling contractor I always took special interest in the crawlspace because I knew read more →