Shark Vacuum Cleaners Recalled by Euro-Pro Due to Shock Hazard |

The aluminum wand used with Shark brand Rotator Powered Lift-Away series upright vacuums can disconnect from the vacuum cleaner’s handle and remain energized. Source: Shark Vacuum Cleaners Recalled by Euro-Pro Due to Shock Hazard | read more →

Crawlspaces and Inspections should go “Hand In Hand”

One thing that sets us apart from some of our competition is that “I” actually go into the crawlspace. I know that many people think “doesn’t every Home Inspector do that”?Well you may be surprised to find out the answer is “NO”. Some may send unqualified persons into the crawlspace to take photos but unqualified persons and Non-Licensed persons should have a part of the Home Inspection. We also use technology to see in areas that.. read more →

Down Below or On Top We Show You More!

Every inspection is an opportunity to provide “professional results” and do it in a “professional manner”.  PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections uses the latest methods to collect data that may save you $1000’s of dollars and its included with our service. If a crawlspace cannot be crawled then we use another method to try to determine the condition for your report, if the roof is too steep, too high or difficult to see we provide you.. read more →

Does It Really Matter If You Know How To Do A Repair?

As a Home Inspector, I understand that people try to save money by doing repairs. Sometimes a repair may not be a skilled job but then there are others that require knowledge and skill that many homeowners do not have!  Many repairs are rather simple but when it comes to electrical, plumbing or perhaps structural issues then it should be performed by those trained, licensed, and legally to make the repairs. In fact, it’s just.. read more →

Electrical Wiring should be performed by Licensed Electricians!

As a Home Inspector, I look at a tremendous amount of issues in a days time. One phase of a home inspection is the Electrical system and sometimes I find very unusual repairs and installations. As seen in this photo improper wiring of an exterior outlet /light fixture was found and the evidence of Non-Professional wiring performed. Homeowners need to realize that this type of work should be looked upon as dangerous and over a few.. read more →

Plumbing Vents work better when the cap is removed

Here is a great example why you should have a home inspection no matter how old or new the house is. This inspection was on a house that was less than 2 yrs old and still had the caps installed on the plumbing vents! The purpose of a plumbing vent in your house is to remove sewer gases from the drainage system and equalize its atmospheric pressure. Without the plumbing vent, our toilets and all.. read more →

Roof Valley that collects water

An important part of a Home Inspection covers the envelope of the structure. The roof is the 1st line of defense and can allow a multitude of other issues. Homeowners sometimes feel that they or someone in the family can do such repairs but often they can make it worse. Here is a photo of one such instance where a roof repair was made, but the shingles and the method of installation are incorrect. The shingles.. read more →

Junction Box “Octopus”

One part of a Home Inspection is inspecting the electrical system. I sometimes feel after leaving a house that “I have seen it all” but items such as this you just shake your head! Electrical issues effect everyone and can cause drastic damage and even death. Anyone that performs electrical work that is not a Licensed Electrician should consider the consequence of their labor. Here in this attached photo is an example of someone that.. read more →

Potential Fire and Electrical Hazard

This is a situation heading for disaster. Potential Fire and Electrical Hazard found at the rear of this house. Electrical wire is behind the pipe which was a B-Vent and can allow damage by extreme heat to the electrical line. The location of the vent and the wiring is a call for correction and recommend it quickly! read more →

Christmas Wish and Tips

The winter holidays are a time for celebration, hectic and busy schedules and that means more cooking, home decorating, entertaining, and an increased risk of fire and accidents. InterNACHI recommends that you follow these guidelines to help make your holiday season safer and more enjoyable.           Holiday Lighting Use caution with holiday decorations and, whenever possible, choose those made with flame-resistant, flame-retardant and non-combustible materials. Keep candles away from decorations and other combustible materials, and.. read more →