Home Inspections usually brings about interesting finds. These finds may be something that is good but usually I see things
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Every inspection is an opportunity to provide “professional results” and do it in a “professional manner”.  PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections
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As a Home Inspector, I understand that people try to save money by doing repairs. Sometimes a repair may not
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An important part of a Home Inspection covers the envelope of the structure. The roof is the 1st line of
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The land down under isn’t always referring to another country!

  When I was a building and remodeling contractor I always took special interest in the crawlspace because I knew read more →

Inspecting a crawlspace that you cant enter!

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections provide FPV as part of our inspection that our clients can be well informed! read more →

Damage Down Under

Inspecting a crawlspace is very important due to the issues that may exist that make or break buying a house. read more →

Experience is Important!

Growing up in construction my whole life and also being a contractor for many years brings with it “experience”. Building read more →

Roll Roofing Can Cause UpHill Struggle

Roll roofing has its problems, but when you add tree limbs, weather and poor installation it can cause a home owner read more →