Peek a Boo in the crawlspace!

Crawlspaces are always an area that concerns everyone especially for a Home Inspector. Did you know that  there are home inspectors that do NOT enter a crawlspace? Did you know that there are those home inspectors that actually send others into a crawlspace to take photos that are NOT trained or “licensed” to tell you what is the issues are under a house? When you call for a home inspection ask this question “do YOU actually.. read more →

New use for Aluminum Foil

One thing about being a home inspector is that you see it all. Repairs, ideas that just don’t exactly work and sometime repairs that are made correctly. Here is another repair made that doesn’t seem to hold water! If you have a leaking sink drain just wrap aluminum foil around it and perhaps that will work. read more →

Dryer vents to garage

Dryer vents can be a serious issue for not only safety but health! Here is a couple of photos that show a dryer vent terminating into the garage and lent was everywhere! The furnace is located by the dryer vent which in turn is another issue!  read more →

New Shower Head Support

Home owners sometimes develop strange methods of repair for numerous issues. One area I see this is plumbing issues in houses and in this photo we see another attempt to deal with a problem! Here in the photo someone decided that a plastic bottle cut and forced under the shower head is just what they needed. The issue here is the plumbing that was installed is not properly supported in the wall cavity. Shower heads.. read more →

Missing Bricks at the Gable

Recent Home Inspections revealed a large brick gable wall with missing bricks. This situation should be repaired quickly and yes expensive. Having a steep roof and being high will cause the masonry contractor to up his charges for such a repair. Inside the attic damage was located in this area as rotted sheathing was found allowing moisture and pest inside the attic. Call us TODAY for your Home Inspection. read more →

Damage ribbon board and sill plates

Recent crawlspace inspection found damage to the ribbon board and the sill plates. The load is simply crushing the sill plate due to damage. Serious issues can be a result from such damage. PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections NEVER sends anyone into a crawlspace to inspect that is not licensed to do so. Some of the competition DOES! Ask before you select who does your inspection! read more →

Seeing the issues even in rain and a wood shake roof.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections is the ONLY inspection company that will provide you with photos and information for those places others will not report on. Here in this photo we have a chimney that was inspected when it was raining and a wood shake roof. With technology we provide you with important information that can literally save you $1000’s of dollars in repair if not seen. Here is another view that you would not see.. read more →

New use for Plastic Bags!

Recent home inspection gives a new perspective on how to use plastic bags you get at the grocery store! You now can use them for insulating around exterior doors and perhaps windows!  I would assume you could say your money is in the bag! read more →

Shocking Find can light up your life!

Today doing a Home Inspection I found a very serious electrical issue. Outside I found a receptacle that is hanging by the wires, loose no plate and a damaged outlet! This is such a dangerous defect, can you imagine what could happen if a child handled this! Electrical issues are never to be taken lightly but should always be repaired and not overlooked!. PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections can perform your home Inspection so call us.. read more →

Evidence of snake in attic

Here is evidence that someone has some activities in the attic. Sometimes you find some interesting things in interesting places. read more →