Issues with wood siding in contact with roof

Whenever you have wood in contact with a roof, problems indeed will eventually occur. This is not only a issue I see with individuals but also builders/remodelers that set the siding down on the roof. The moisture form rain, snow or ice will wick into the wood and eventually cause moisture damage and then need of repair. It is recommended that the wood have 1 1/2″ to 2″ clearance from the existing roof. If the.. read more →

Electrical Mast Issues

Electrical issues are a serious problem in many houses I inspect. Many homes have had updates or modifications performed by “Uncle Bob” or a “Friend” that knows something about electrical work. The problem is they know just enough to be dangerous! Electrical repairs and modifications should be performed by a qualified Licensed Electrical contractor and inspected if needed. Here in this photo you see a violation in many regards of the service coming into the.. read more →

Interior door trimmed to much!

Interior doors today for the most part are made of Masonite with a cardboard filler. The exterior frame is a solid piece of wood but only a very small amount. Here at this inspection the person that installed the door cut off to much at the bottom and now has no solid wood piece at the bottom of the door. This should have been corrected by adding the piece back or making a piece to fill.. read more →

Damaged Garbage Disposal

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections always checks under the sink to see if issues are present. Here is an OLD disposal that is rusted and actively leaking water under the sink. read more →

Damaged roof and nothing mentioned.

Recent home inspection for a client revealed serious damage to the roof covering and the roof structure. This is why you need US to perform your home inspection the seller did not reveal defects on their paperwork. This roof is beyond repair and should be replaced with expecting to replace damaged sheathing and more. read more →

Window Issues with Hermetic seals

Numerous times during home inspections I find issues with insulated windows. Usually the problems exists and are more prone to failure on the south and southwest side of the house. Hermetic seals can fail and will require replacement.  These rubber-like seals are prone to failure with age and heat.  For some reason, small fixed windows with this type of seal also seem to be more prone to seal failure. The only safe repair I know.. read more →

Damaged roof found by our “Eye In The Sky”.

One reason you should consider using PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections is simply we provide more information that can keep you from buying a money pit. Defects can cost $1000’s of dollars and isn’t that why you hire a Home Inspector?  Here is a few shots from our “Eye In The Sky” showing costly damage that would not have been found by someone from the ground or with binoculars. The roof system is over 30ft!. read more →

Vinyl Dryer vent is Dangerous!

Recent home inspection revealed that the vinyl dryer vent got so hot that it actually melted! We do not recommend that these types of vents EVER be used. read more →

Termites take over the Garage

Termites cause a tremendous headache for many people and here is an example what they can do. At this inspection the wall paneling is simply shredded by these hungry  pest and unless you have a professional deal with them they will eat you out of your home!   Recent Home Inspection revealed termites that simply has taken over the garage area of this home. The paneling was destroyed and termites no doubt has effected the.. read more →