Garage Door Sensors ONLY work when placed in the right location!

Recent Home Inspection I found the garage door sensors mounted on the wall of the garage!  The reason for these sensors are to sense if anything especially children, pets or items are in the way of the garage door when coming down. Photoelectric eyes. These eyes (also known as photoelectric sensors) are located at the base of each side of the garage door and emit and detect beams of light. If this beam is broken, it.. read more →

Electrical Tape and Plumbing connections go together?

Recent home inspection found that someone considered that electrical tape can work as good and a plumbing fitting! As the photo shows that issues of water leakage is found below the tape and should NEVER be used for a substitute! read more →

Defects that we can SEE from the sky!

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections recently performed a Home Inspection that required a special service that our competition doesn’t provide! Inspection 360 gives us the ability to see area’s that may be costly if not seen and therefore gives our clients a perspective of the whole picture! Here is an example [see photo] why Inspection 360 is state of the art technology that provides our clients a full picture of what is at the inspection site… read more →

Combination Porch and Pool!

Recently at a home inspection I came across this front porch. The porch has sunken roughly 5″ in the middle and with all that water it is making it’s way to the crawlspace area. This porch has a brick foundation wall and is falling apart due to moisture as well. The problem is there is a void underneath and the fill is no longer under the concrete slab.   read more →

Magic Filter for furnace?

Furnace Inspection reveals issue with filter. How do you change it? read more →

Squirrels do have a “Sweet Tooth”

Recently doing a roof inspection I came a cross a lead plumbing boot that was partially devoured at the bottom part of the flange. As you can see it appears to have been bitten off and removed. Squirrels sharpen their teeth with it because they need to grind down their teeth. When they do this they become addicted to the taste and can’t help themselves. Lead apparently has a sweet taste, and was used in Ancient Rome to.. read more →

Home Owner makes a Roof repair!

Many times in a home inspection one area of great concern is the roof. The roof is the first defense from the exterior elements and takes a great amount of heat, cold, rain, ice and UV wear and still hopefully provides you with a dry house. One thing that is it’s worse enemy can be the repair from home owner or handymen that may not have the proper experience for such repairs. Here are a.. read more →

Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Home Inspector. read more →