Termites cause a tremendous headache for many people and here is an example what they can do. At this inspection

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Recent Home Inspection I found the garage door sensors mounted on the wall of the garage!  The reason for these

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Recent home inspection found that someone considered that electrical tape can work as good and a plumbing fitting! As the

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aerial3PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections recently performed a Home Inspection that required

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Does It Really Matter If You Know How To Do A Repair?

As a Home Inspector, I understand that people try to save money by doing repairs. Sometimes a repair may not read more →

Electrical Wiring should be performed by Licensed Electricians!

As a Home Inspector, I look at a tremendous amount of issues in a days time. One phase of a home read more →

Plumbing Vents work better when the cap is removed

Here is a great example why you should have a home inspection no matter how old or new the house read more →

Roof Valley that collects water

An important part of a Home Inspection covers the envelope of the structure. The roof is the 1st line of read more →

Junction Box “Octopus”

One part of a Home Inspection is inspecting the electrical system. I sometimes feel after leaving a house that “I read more →