PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections recently performed a Home Inspection that required a special service that our competition doesn’t provide! InspectionContinue Reading
Photo of the Week
Recently at a home inspection I came across this front porch. The porch has sunken roughly 5″ in the middleContinue Reading
Photo of the Week
Furnace Inspection reveals issue with filter. How do you change it?Continue Reading
Photo of the Week
Recently doing a roof inspection I came a cross a lead plumbing boot that was partially devoured at the bottomContinue Reading
Photo of the Week
Many times in a home inspection one area of great concern is the roof. The roof is the first defenseContinue Reading
Photo of the Week

Junction Box “Octopus”

One part of a Home Inspection is inspecting the electrical system. I sometimes feel after leaving a house that “I read more →

Potential Fire and Electrical Hazard

This is a situation heading for disaster. Potential Fire and Electrical Hazard found at the rear of this house. Electrical read more →

Christmas Wish and Tips

The winter holidays are a time for celebration, hectic and busy schedules and that means more cooking, home decorating, entertaining, read more →

Peek a Boo in the crawlspace!

Crawlspaces are always an area that concerns everyone especially for a Home Inspector. Did you know that  there are home read more →

New use for Aluminum Foil

One thing about being a home inspector is that you see it all. Repairs, ideas that just don’t exactly work read more →