These caps are installed by the Plumber for the plumbing inspection. In this case the caps are still on yearsContinue Reading
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Recent inspection I found a dead bird laying at the door of the wood burner. Found his way in butContinue Reading
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  Laundry can be a real hassle to get it downstairs to a laundry room. These type of areas canContinue Reading
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New use for Plastic Bags!

Recent home inspection gives a new perspective on how to use plastic bags you get at the grocery store! You read more →

Shocking Find can light up your life!

Today doing a Home Inspection I found a very serious electrical issue. Outside I found a receptacle that is hanging read more →

Evidence of snake in attic

Here is evidence that someone has some activities in the attic. Sometimes you find some interesting things in interesting places. read more →

Issues with wood siding in contact with roof

Whenever you have wood in contact with a roof, problems indeed will eventually occur. This is not only a issue read more →

Electrical Mast Issues

Electrical issues are a serious problem in many houses I inspect. Many homes have had updates or modifications performed by read more →