27 Apr 2014

Plumbing boots sometimes need booted!

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One of the common issues I see in Home Inspections would have to be “plumbing boot defects”. The roof system is your first line of defense from the outside elements and that should be a major focus for home owners during regular checkups. A plumbing vent pipe penetrates the roof in various area’s. Your home’s waste-disposal system has two components:

  1. the drainage system
  2. and the venting system.

The venting system, also called plumbing vents, consists of pipes leading from fixtures (i.e. toilets and sinks), to the outdoors, usually via the roof. Vents provide for relief of sewer gases, admission of oxygen for aerobic sewage digestion, and maintenance of the trap water seals which prevent sewer gases from entering the home. With exceptions, every plumbing fixture must have an attached vent. These vents have a seal that prevents moisture from getting to the attic and the structure and when those seals are damaged they can allow numerous issues and damage to a home.

IMGP0540When you realize that you have these type of issues don’t put it off! When a home inspector reports this defect make sure you address it ASAP or you may find yourself spending more money for repairs!


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