Crawlspaces, Debris and Inspections

Crawlspace are not the greatest place to be  for any inspection, but when you go into one and find sawdust, shavings, screws, broken glass, wood, insulation falling down, water, old furnaces and even dead animals it makes the job much more difficult.

As a home inspector sometimes I have to make the call whether I will go in or not depending what I see. If I feel that it may be dangerous or a health risk I may not enter the space. There has been times that because of the smell of urine from animals, waste, brown recluse, water standing and electrical lines laying in the water that it’s a NO GO!

As a homeowner, keep the crawlspace clean and safe and as a buyer realize that there are limitations for us that try to do the job correctly. Be SAFE and KEEP IT CLEAN.

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