It’s HOTTER Than You Think!

Most of us have an innate respect or fear of electricity. Our homes today have many safety features to allow us the benefit of electricity. But sometimes bad practice causes GREAT concern.  It is not unusual to find safety concerns in many of the panels we inspect.  The most common concerns found in panels are: double tapped breakers/fuses or undersized breakers/fuses to name a few.  Normally these problems are caused by homeowners adding circuits to the panel or replacing breakers/fuses with larger ones to prevent them from tripping off.  Not a good idea!  Dirty panels such as insulation, paper and yes, even mice inside is a fire hazard.

There have been times that I have seen the insulation jacket of branch wiring bubbling at the connection.  Persons that overload panels, double tap breakers or neutral bars or have it where your not able to get to the panel is asking for trouble. Electricity should be handled by those that are licensed and qualified to do so. I am astounded sometimes by how much thought and time goes into doing things wrong!

There are fires everyday due to electrical issues that could have been prevented. What price is too much for a live? Before you do something that can cause injury not just to yourself, but to your family consider calling a professional!

wire insulation melting



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