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A pre-purchase home inspection looks at many aspects of the home including

  • foundation,
  • crawlspaces if accessible
  • accessible framing,
  • drainage,
  • roof systems including attic if accessible,
  • plumbing and electrical,
  • HVAC systems,
  • insulation
  • interior walls and ceilings
  • floor coverings
  • and many more areas.


On the day of Inspection, what happens?

On the day of the inspection PROVIEW PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTIONS  will meet you at the property.  i usually arrive prior to the client to get set up and get familiar with the exterior of the home prior to the client arriving.  This helps save a little bit of the clients time and helps your me get a good idea of the overall condition of the exterior of the home and the surrounding property. When you arrive you will go over some paper work if it was not emailed to you in the completion of the agreement contract.  Your inspector will be walking around the property inside and out from the roof to the crawl space and everything in between.  At times you will be asked to view different aspects of the home and to look at different issues, whether to point out areas of concern or just to explain how something operates. The inspection takes several hours, so if you plan to stay don’t be in a rush because, these inspections are thorough.  I take my time so I can conduct a thorough inspection and try to answer all of your questions honestly.   While I encourage the purchaser to be present, its understandable if they can’t. Multiple pictures are taken so if there is something you can’t get to it will be covered in the report by a photo and a description of the issue.  When finished your inspector will review with you what he has seen and found and then he will go home to put your report together.  Your report will be emailed to you as soon as possible usually within a 24 hr period. If the inspection falls on a Friday the report may not be delivered by email until Monday morning.  Your report will be multiple pages and include color photos[which are zoomable], perhaps video and many times illustrations to show you how it should be.

The utilities should be turned on.  If the home you are purchasing is unoccupied the utilities may not be turned on.  It’s important the electric, water and heating fuel, if needed, be activated and all pilot lights lit. Some utility providers can take a few days to coordinate activation, so these calls should be made as soon as possible.

Fees The inspection time and fee depends on the size of home and location. A home inspection can last from 3 hours or longer and of course the larger the structure the longer the inspection.  Extra time is taken to answer any questions that you may have and also discuss certain maintenance items that need to be performed in order to keep your home in good condition. I may also suggest certain energy efficient savings that can help reduce your utility bills, as well as discuss safety issues.  Forms of payment currently accepted are checks, credit cards and cash.  Feel free to contact me and i can quickly give you a price after you have answered a few descriptive questions about the home.


I understand home builders that  their major priority is profit.  When I was younger I was involved in the building process dealing with managing various trades which are performed by subcontractors who most times win their bid because its the lowest. These subcontractors have their own management and employees and subcontractors.  Its a long list of responsibilities being shifted around and if the management employed by the builder is understaffed or just not structured properly they lose a lot of quality control. This is why you need a inspection to keep those areas in check.

Now you would think the local building officials would stay on top of the “code” issues for new construction inspections. Unfortunately the local codes officials are also over worked and understaffed and have a hard time keeping up with the constant minor and sometimes major issues these various trades are inconsistently producing. Most local building officials will be on the site for perhaps 20 min think about that! How can you really be able to check issues in that amount of time?

With all of these various working parts of the builders team trying to produce an acceptable product, there are many issues which come up with new construction. You will want to hire a home inspector to find these issues. PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections takes great interest to provide you quality inspections on various components through out the building process. Our reports are detailed with digital photos, video, narratives, illustrations of why and how certain issues should be.

You and your family takes great pride in their new house so make sure you take great pride in the inspection process by using our service.