Down Below or On Top We Show You More!

Every inspection is an opportunity to provide “professional results” and do it in a “professional manner”.  PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections uses the latest methods to collect data that may save you $1000’s of dollars and its included with our service. If a crawlspace cannot be crawled then we use another method to try to determine the condition for your report, if the roof is too steep, too high or difficult to see we provide you.. read more →

Seeing the issues even in rain and a wood shake roof.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections is the ONLY inspection company that will provide you with photos and information for those places others will not report on. Here in this photo we have a chimney that was inspected when it was raining and a wood shake roof. With technology we provide you with important information that can literally save you $1000’s of dollars in repair if not seen. Here is another view that you would not see.. read more →

Damaged roof found by our “Eye In The Sky”.

One reason you should consider using PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections is simply we provide more information that can keep you from buying a money pit. Defects can cost $1000’s of dollars and isn’t that why you hire a Home Inspector?  Here is a few shots from our “Eye In The Sky” showing costly damage that would not have been found by someone from the ground or with binoculars. The roof system is over 30ft!. read more →

Defects that we can SEE from the sky!

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections recently performed a Home Inspection that required a special service that our competition doesn’t provide! Inspection 360 gives us the ability to see area’s that may be costly if not seen and therefore gives our clients a perspective of the whole picture! Here is an example [see photo] why Inspection 360 is state of the art technology that provides our clients a full picture of what is at the inspection site… read more →