As a home inspector, I gotta tell you – proper venting in your waste system is super important. Venting is actually a critical part of your home’s plumbing network, and it does all sorts of stuff to make sure your waste disposal is safe and efficient. Trust me, you don’t.. read more →

Feeling Ready for Winter (with a Little Help from the Pros)

Those chilly autumn breezes are here, reminding us that cold weather is just around the corner. While many folks enjoy all the festive things that come with fall, winter also means dealing with freezing temps, snowy roads, and all the household headaches that can arise when Old Man Jack Frost.. read more →

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Have a Maintenance Inspection on Your Home

Introduction As a home inspector, I’ve seen it all. From small cosmetic issues to major structural problems, I’ve witnessed the consequences of neglecting home maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the importance of regular maintenance until it’s too late. In this blog post, I want to share my observations on.. read more →

“Spring into Action: Essential Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Bloom!”

It’s officially springtime! In with the warm and rain and out with the ice and cold! Here are some spring maintenance suggestions from Proview Professional Home Inspections! Inspect your roof for damage.No matter what kind of material your roof is made of, always start an inspection by looking at the.. read more →