Seasoned Eyes: The Advantage of Years in the Field The Devil is in the Details: Anecdotes of Expert Intuition You know what they say – experience is the best teacher. Seasoned inspectors have a wealth of knowledge and intuition that can’t be learned overnight. Their years in the field have.. read more →

New Construction Phase Inspections: Why Are They Important?

When you are buying a new home or having one built, it is important to have it inspected by a professional third-party inspector. Even new homes can have defects and problems that may not be immediately apparent. An inspector can identify these issues and help you get them fixed before.. read more →

The Hidden Heroes of Home Construction: Joist Hangers 101

As a home inspector, I’ve seen my fair share of construction mistakes that can lead to costly repairs and even safety hazards. One often-overlooked culprit is the humble joist hanger. These small metal devices may seem insignificant, but they play a crucial role in supporting your home’s floors and ceilings… read more →

Are You Throwing Your Money Away Each Month with Higher Utility Bills?

One of the biggest expenses you face each month as a homeowner is your utility bills. From electricity to water, these costs can add up quickly and significantly impact your budget. If you feel like you are constantly paying more than you should for utilities, the problem might not be.. read more →

Insulation Deficiency: Understanding the Impact

Ramifications of Insufficient Insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable home environment. Its absence in walls or ceilings leads to: – Insulation plays a pivotal role in maintaining a comfortable, quiet, and cost-efficient home environment. By understanding the importance of proper insulation and adopting various strategies for prevention and remediation,.. read more →