New use for Plastic Bags!

Recent home inspection gives a new perspective on how to use plastic bags you get at the grocery store! You now can use them for insulating around exterior doors and perhaps windows!  I would assume you could say your money is in the bag! read more →

Shocking Find can light up your life!

Today doing a Home Inspection I found a very serious electrical issue. Outside I found a receptacle that is hanging by the wires, loose no plate and a damaged outlet! This is such a dangerous defect, can you imagine what could happen if a child handled this! Electrical issues are never to be taken lightly.. read more →

Issues with wood siding in contact with roof

Whenever you have wood in contact with a roof, problems indeed will eventually occur. This is not only a issue I see with individuals but also builders/remodelers that set the siding down on the roof. The moisture form rain, snow or ice will wick into the wood and eventually cause moisture damage and then need.. read more →