Does It Really Matter If You Know How To Do A Repair?

As a Home Inspector, I understand that people try to save money by doing repairs. Sometimes a repair may not be a skilled job but then there are others that require knowledge and skill that many homeowners do not have!  Many repairs are rather simple but when it comes to.. read more →

Electrical Wiring should be performed by Licensed Electricians!

As a Home Inspector, I look at a tremendous amount of issues in a days time. One phase of a home inspection is the Electrical system and sometimes I find very unusual repairs and installations. As seen in this photo improper wiring of an exterior outlet /light fixture was found and.. read more →

Roof Valley that collects water

An important part of a Home Inspection covers the envelope of the structure. The roof is the 1st line of defense and can allow a multitude of other issues. Homeowners sometimes feel that they or someone in the family can do such repairs but often they can make it worse. Here.. read more →

Peek a Boo in the crawlspace!

Crawlspaces are always an area that concerns everyone especially for a Home Inspector. Did you know that  there are home inspectors that do NOT enter a crawlspace? Did you know that there are those home inspectors that actually send others into a crawlspace to take photos that are NOT trained.. read more →

New use for Aluminum Foil

One thing about being a home inspector is that you see it all. Repairs, ideas that just don’t exactly work and sometime repairs that are made correctly. Here is another repair made that doesn’t seem to hold water! If you have a leaking sink drain just wrap aluminum foil around.. read more →