14 Jun 2023

Who needs horror movies when you have a fan that drops its blades like it’s trying to take your head off!

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Interior ceiling fans are not designed to withstand the harsh exterior environments like wind, rain, and other elements, which can cause serious safety hazards if used outside. These fans lack the necessary features required to endure outdoor exposure, and they tend to become dangerously unstable and malfunctioning when exposed to weather extremes. Besides, non-resistant components would also fail to stand up to the test of time. Moisture, heat, and sunlight can cause the fan blades’ material to warp and deteriorate, making them fragile and wobbly, which poses significant dangers to anyone in their vicinity. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the existing interior ceiling fans be replaced with fans specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor ceiling fans come with specific ratings that indicate their ability to withstand various weather elements. Recommendation: Due to the complexity involved in replacing the existing interior ceiling fans with appropriate exterior fans, it’s recommended that a qualified and licensed electrician perform the replacement to ensure the proper installation of the new fans. In conclusion, using interior ceiling fans for outdoor areas is a significant safety hazard as they cannot withstand the extreme outdoor conditions. Therefore, a replacement with the adequately rated exterior ceiling fans is highly recommended to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone in the vicinity.

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