03 Nov 2015

Without a Home Inspection it might dampen your purchase!

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Home Inspections is a very important part of the process of buying a house. I realize that not everyone gets a home inspection, but they should and not because that’s what I do for a living. Home Inspections cost a small fraction of what you may find in damaged and repairs if you bypass a home inspection.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections have had for over 17yes provided our clients with information not just from our reports, but also will provide a monthly newsletter FREE if they wish to be on our list. Informed buyers are wise in the decisions they make because they have taken the responsibility of having a professional perform a home inspection.

Here in this photo we see the damaged and health risk of leaking pipes and drains that can turn into something very serious. Looking into cabinets and checking for active leaks and determining where those leaks are is what we do. PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections using digital/IR technology to help identify these problems.

sink base damaged

If you’re going to get a home inspection make a wise decision and CALL US TODAY! Over 45 yrs in the building industry, 25 yrs contractor experienced, 17 years as a home inspector and certified with InterNACHI we provide our clients peace of mind.


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