The Peoples Home Inspector

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections is focused not only on protecting the best interests of our clients but on providing expert and competent information which will help our clients in making decisions about repairs, as well as maintenance items. Honesty, Trust, and Integrity are what we provide daily to the most important people we serve, our clients. Our allegiance is and will always be with the client in serving his or her best interests.

We have been called by many “The Peoples Home Inspector” because we realize that we are the ONLY party in your real estate transaction that has no profit whether you purchase or not. Although we love working with realtor professionals we are not swayed by any party. We are Unbiased and give you information that helps you make the right decision.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections provides our service beyond the Owensboro area. We also provide this service to the surrounding areas such as Lewisport, Hawesville, Henderson, Hartford, Whitesville, Fordsville, Livermore, Madisonville all within a 60 mile limit of Owensboro, Kentucky.

Contractor Experienced and over 22 yrs in Home Inspections.

Not all home inspectors are created equally and experience is something that takes time! The abilities and knowledge of home inspectors vary widely; choose carefully to get the best home inspection possible. The key is to ask about the

  • qualifications,
  • background,
  • experience,
  • and tools of your inspector.

NEVER make your choice on PRICE but always COMPARE on VALUE