07 Jan 2019

Crawl Spaces can have multiple issues and cost $$$$

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Crawl Spaces reveal a lot of what may be in store!

When a house has a crawl space that area can reveal a tremendous amount of information about the house. This area contains information about footings, foundations, floor framing, electrical, plumbing HVAC and so much more.

The photo here was from a recent inspection and the water was off at the time of the inspection. The plumbing supply lines were not supported or poorly support in most areas of the crawl which as can be seen may cause stress and leaks at the fittings. Other areas such as no soil cover, ABS drainage pipe, missing traps was only a start with this home.

We can provide VALUABLE information to our clients by crawling and when that is not possible we provide remote controlled crawlers to get to those areas that may be 7″ or less in height.

Proview Professional Home Inspections was the 1st in the tri-state to provide this service. See why you should choose us as your Home Inspector.


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