13 Apr 2015

Crawlspaces and Inspections should go “Hand In Hand”

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Termite damage to floor joist.


Fungi growth subfloor damage

One thing that sets us apart from some of our competition is that “I” actually go into the crawlspace. I know that many people think “doesn’t every Home Inspector do that”?Well you may be surprised to find out the answer is “NO”. Some may send unqualified persons into the crawlspace to take photos but unqualified persons and Non-Licensed persons should have a part of the Home Inspection.

We also use technology to see in areas that are not so easy to crawl in order to help provide more information that the competion.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections is the “ONLY” Home Inspector that has “Contractor Experience” and 17yrs experience in Home Inspections! We provide our clients not just information to make the right choice but we also hep educate our clients to have a better understanding of what they are are dealing with.

We have over 150 reviews by clients for you to read and make the right choice for you and your family. Call us today! KY-3

Damaged and leaking waste line in crawlspace

Damaged and leaking waste line in crawlspace

Improper support of the floor system

Improper support of the floor system


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