01 Mar 2023

Don’t Let Your Dream Home Become a Nightmare: The Importance of Quality Workmanship in Construction

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I have spent 25 years as a building contractor and have 23 years as a building consultant and property inspector, so I am familiar with the difficulties faced by the construction sector. “Workmanship” is one of the main problems with new construction today.

We have worked on significant remodels that included additions and discovered people hanging drywall, for instance, who, when questioned, said they had no prior expertise and that it was their first time. You can only guess at the issues we discovered. Bad construction can result in expensive repairs, dangerous situations, and a drop in the home’s value. In this article, I’ll go over what to look for in new construction and how to spot shoddy work. Knowledge of the building regulations in place to guarantee quality and safety is crucial when examining new buildings. Building standards are the minimum requirements for construction, and all new buildings must adhere to or exceed them.

To ensure that the installation complies with specifications, we check areas like the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems during the inspection. To confirm that the building’s walls, roof, and foundation are sound and properly constructed, we also inspect them. We   check for indications of poor workmanship, such as spaces between joints, uneven walls, and improperly installed fixtures. We also look for mildew, water damage, and other indications of shoddy construction. We also look for damage or flaws in the roof, windows, and doors. If any of these problems are present, we make sure to note them in the report and recommend that the client have the concerns fixed by the contractor.

City inspectors are primarily concerned if the work complies with the basic requirements; they are not particularly concerned with problems that go beyond that.  Any type of construction is costly, therefore in addition to determining whether the work complies with building standards, we also consider the job’s quality.

In summary, successful house purchases depend on rigorous and skilled inspections of both newly built homes and older residences.

The photos show a recent example of poor workmanship and because of our inspection will have to redo the work  The siding contractor performed a terrible job of sealing the seams between the aluminum and brick, as can be seen in the photos here. Since the caulk was improperly placed and is already darkened, it will never be completely white. Think about it—would you accept this kind of work given how pricey everything is today? Unless it was in a report, the contractor was not going to take any action.

If your having remodeling performed or a new construction built protect yourselve by using Proview Professional Home Inspections.

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