02 Mar 2015

Electrical Wiring should be performed by Licensed Electricians!

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As a Home Inspector, I look at a tremendous amount of issues in a days time. One phase of a home inspection is the Electrical system and sometimes I find very unusual repairs and installations. As seen in this photo improper wiring of an exterior outlet /light fixture was found and the evidence of Non-Professional wiring performed.

Homeowners need to realize that this type of work should be looked upon as dangerous and over a few dollars they are putting their family in danger.  Can you really put a price on the well-being of you or your loved ones?  Can you justify saving some money over the lives of your family? The answer is “NO”!

When it comes to who you choose to do your Home Inspection will price be the deciding factor? If so just realize that “A Cheap Home Inspection Might Be The Most Costly”!

Ask these questions.

  • Price vs. Value?
  • Experience is it important?
  • Full time or Part Time
  • Do they have reviews?
  • who recommends them?

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections provides you with the following.

  • Saving for our clients and more service which provide GREATER value
  • Over 40 yrs experience and Contractor experience
  • Almost 17 yrs as a Home Inspector
  • Over 88 Reviews online
  • Our clients recommend us to others which is a great compliment and Professional Realtors that care about Professional standards.

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