20 Oct 2023

“Feathered Surprises in Each Inspection – Our Home Inspectors Go Clucking Mad!”

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Home Inspector Discovers Surprise Poultry Residents During Inspection

In a peculiar turn of events, a routine home inspection took a feathered twist when an unsuspecting home inspector stumbled upon a surprise backyard chicken coop. While inspecting a property in a suburban neighborhood, the inspector expected to uncover common issues like structural concerns or faulty wiring but certainly didn’t anticipate any fowl play.

As the inspector ventured into the property’s backyard, a clucking sound piqued their curiosity. Following the sound, they were led to a charming little chicken coop tucked away in the corner. Inside, a small flock of chickens roamed happily, oblivious to the upcoming wave of confusion they were about to cause.

As it turned out, the homeowners had been discreetly harboring these feathered companions, even without any immediate visible signs. The chickens were surprisingly well taken care of, with a cozy coop complete with nesting boxes and ample space for them to freely peck around.

Although unusual, the discovery of these chickens was merely an amusing incident that injected a lighthearted touch into an otherwise routine home inspection. The inspector promptly documented the finding and promptly informed the homeowners, who were initially taken aback but soon joined in the laughter.

Certainly, the presence of backyard chickens is not something that falls under the typical checklist of a home inspection. However, this delightful surprise emphasizes the importance of thorough inspections, helping homeowners to uncover hidden aspects of their properties they may otherwise overlook.

Notably, there has been a growing trend towards urban or suburban backyard farming in recent years, with many homeowners embracing the joys of raising chickens in their own backyards. Fresh eggs, natural pest control, and the enjoyment of connecting with nature are just a few of the benefits associated with this increasingly popular practice.

While this occurrence may be a rare find during a home inspection, it does serve as a timely reminder that each property has its own unique stories to tell. As home inspectors continue their meticulous search for potential issues, it’s always fascinating when they stumble upon unexpected tales, even those as unconventional as a secret backyard chicken coop.

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