Moisture Intrusion isn’t just about roofing.

Moisture intrusion is always a concern for any homeowner and here is an example of one problem I find in older homes.  Someone had a new roof installed but never installed drip edge, and the siding has pulled away from the roof which now is allowing moisture intrusion issues for the homeowner. This could have been.. read more →

Gas Hookups for Dryers and Stoves

Major issue but not an expensive fix It is extremely important that hookups such as seen in this photo be properly capped off. The red handle turns the gas on/off but without the cap, it becomes a dangerous situation. Small children can easily move the shut-off valve and now you have a serious issue. Proview.. read more →

Your sink may smell so you ask why?

If you have issues with smelling sewer gas, it might be because you have a problem with your trap under the sink or you have an S-Trap here in this photo or an issue with venting. Call us TODAY pic.twitter.com/mBzbkutk1M — Michael Paris (@proviewpro1955) January 16, 2018 read more →

Crawlspaces and Support

Proper Piers and Floor Support is one of those items that experience cannot be overemphasized. This is an example of what NOT to do for support of Girder Beams. Incorrect methods and signs of non-professional installation is always a flag that should be raised. As a home inspector that had years of experience in New Homes and Remodeling.. read more →

Experience can’t have a price on it.

In this attic, I found a serious issue concerning the improper installation of step flashing at the sidewall. Here the step flashing is installed on the wrong side of the wall sheathing and therefore wood rot is the result. I can’t express the importance of viewing issues such as this personally if it accessible and.. read more →