Chimney Caps

As a home inspector if a house has a chimney I realize this is one of the critical items and possibly expensive items to repair. Chimney caps is designed to shed water away but such as this one that is just not going to happen. If the chimney is able to be viewed from the.. read more →

Preparing for the Home Inspection

If your getting ready for a Home Inspection at your house then try to make it go smoothly. Clean up and remove items that can cause the Home Inspector problems and it might cost someone additional funds to return.   read more →

What NOT To Do For Repairs

Older houses have their problems, but many times it is what people have done to them through the years that can be the bigger problem. If you have repairs performed make sure they are according to professional standards. If you don’t, it just might come back and get you. Proview Professional Home Inspections performs inspections.. read more →

It Pays to Look Under!

Recently performing an inspection I was checking the AC unit and searching for the AC Disconnect and I found it! Notice the condition of the Disconnect and the electrical hazards in the same location. This was found under the cantilevered section of a room addition and is a serious issue. Sometimes you have to search.. read more →