Welcome to the ⚒️ wild west of home improvement. Where there’s no barrier between us and disaster!

The other day I was on my way to another inspection and saw this being done. Vinyl siding should not be installed over OSB or another sheathing materials unless you have a barrier installed. Here these guys no doubt know that they should or are cutting corners. Vinyl siding is.. read more →

Moisture Intrusion isn’t just about roofing.

Moisture intrusion is always a concern for any homeowner and here is an example of one problem I find in older homes.  Someone had a new roof installed but never installed drip edge, and the siding has pulled away from the roof which now is allowing moisture intrusion issues for the.. read more →

Experience can’t have a price on it.

In this attic, I found a serious issue concerning the improper installation of step flashing at the sidewall. Here the step flashing is installed on the wrong side of the wall sheathing and therefore wood rot is the result. I can’t express the importance of viewing issues such as this.. read more →

Issues with wood siding in contact with roof

Whenever you have wood in contact with a roof, problems indeed will eventually occur. This is not only a issue I see with individuals but also builders/remodelers that set the siding down on the roof. The moisture form rain, snow or ice will wick into the wood and eventually cause.. read more →