23 Nov 2016

The land down under isn’t always referring to another country!

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When I was a building and remodeling contractor I always took special interest in the crawlspace because I knew that someday I might have to crawl into that crawlspace. As a home inspector  we usually find everything including a kitchen sink in the crawlspace. Old appliances, furnaces, water heaters, building supplies, insects, animals including remains. Entering a crawlspace is never the most pleasant part especially if you also see glass, nails or other items that may hinder us from entering that area. Sometimes its just impossible to get into a crawlspace because of size or clearance from the ground therefore not being able to give information to the client that may be very important. Our device can go into areas less than 6″ from the surface and present 1080P photos and HD quality video.

PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections started providing Aerial inspections over 4 yrs ago and we use that technology when needed and NOW or at least for the last month or so we provide FPV technology to enter crawlspaces that otherwise would be impossible to accessed otherwise. Think about it, is it important for you to know what may be “down under”? It may cost you $1000’s of dollars in damage if your inspector doesn’t provide this service and technology. You may find out later of  structural damage, health issues such as mold, plumbing issues and much more. Tell me what is it worth to you to have this technology for your benefit? Our prices have NEVER been about cost but VALUE!

Photos provided are of actual inspections that give you the clarity on why you should choose us as your Home Inspection company. We were the 1st to provide aerial inspections and now we are the 1st to provide FPV inspection of crawlspaces.



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